Company’s primary activities are EAS systems, video surveillance systems, design, installation and maintainance. All companies have to deal with such a negative phenomena as product loss.
The loss of the goods, caused by the “customers” are largely preventable. Statistics and research shows that properly chosen and installed EAS systems can reduce product loss up-to 60%.
Nedap EAS systems can effectively combat theft by significantly reducing losses and increasing the profitability of your company.
In order to give an overview of radio-frequency EAS systems, the advantages and benefits compared to other technologies, we listed some NEDAP RF System capabilities and characteristics below:

• Oldest technology (a lot of different possibilities, experience and developments)
• Many producers (competition in the field of technology and price)
• Harmless (electro-magnetic power of the antennas is very small)
• Deactivation (with a price reading and mass deactivation)
• Deactivation from the distance (security element can be situated inside the product, deactivation is possible without knowing the exact location of the security element)
• Deactivation depending on price reading (if price reading did not take place, security element stays activated, scanners from many manufacturers already have this as standard solution)
• Deactivation with safe magnetics (will not erase information from bank cards or ID cards)
• Sticker EAS (two-dimensional stickers)
• Sticker EAS – no effect on the functionality when it’s bent.
• The distance between the antennas (the ratio between the price and distance is very good)
• Foil detection (allows you to detect foiled bags)
• OS / T technology (allows you to perform a variety of tasks over the Internet)
As short description for EAS protection system we could describe NEDAPs flagship   OS / T system (Open System Technology).
This means that the system runs through a modem and is available at any moment in any place, where you have an internet connection. This gives you the opportunity to set up and configure the entire system, identify the problems in the work area, change all the parameters, obtain information about the source of alerts and update software without changing antennas. It’s also possible to obtain some statistics like number of customers and number of deactivation’s (If it’s installed on the system and the customer counter and antennas are connected to the cash register and deactivation system).
In reality, this means that it’s possible to reduce the response time to eliminate errors at work to minimum. In addition saving on transport costs and receive a variety of information about sales and security .